In the age of information the  means of communication are especially important. The oldest way of fast communication  exchange is the telephone. A century ago it was fixed to a wall or a table and you could use it only standing nearby and talking loudly. Mobile phones have revolutionized our life. Nowadays we can make calls walking down Читать далее «MOBILE PHONES»


Television has been invading our life, time and mind since the moment of its invention.

It’s difficult to describe its influence in a few words. On the one hand, we cannot deny the positive effect of educational and informative programmes which broaden our mind. Читать далее «VIOLENCE ON TV»


I fully agree with the saying that travelling broadens our mind. It provides us with variety and novelty that we lack in everyday life.
First of all, I  plan my trips beforehand. I surf the Internet to find the destinations I’d like to visit. Then I decide what route and transport will be the best. Where do I usually go?
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The film that impressed me greatly is Avatar which premiered in 2009. As for me, this film should be watched by everyone.  It is a science fiction film written and directed by legendary James Cameron.

The story  is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are colonizing the planet Pandora. It is a beautiful exciting place  with unusual native beings called the Читать далее «MY FAVOURITE FILM»