To my mind, it’s impossible to imagine our life without music. It  is the source of good mood for me. I listen to music every day, I do it at home and outdoors. I like almost all types of music  including rap, rock, disco, techno, pop, hip-hop, alternative and others.

I also admire many famous singers and music bands. However, my favourite one is “Linkin Park”. It is an American rock band which originated in California. This band is rather popular among the teens nowadays. What I like about them is the fact that they sing in different styles. Some of their songs are alternative, some are metal, some rock. They have clever texts and unusual musical decisions. The band was formed in 1999 and they’ve released about 9 albums since then. It consists of six members, but the most famous one is Chester Bennington, of course. He is the lead singer. I think, he is very talented and he is considered to be one of the best heavy metal vocalists in the world. He writes his own poems and composes music. “Linkin Park” released many melodic songs and I like them all without distinction. However, my favourite one is “Breaking the habits”. The songs of my favourite band are rather moving. One can see true feelings of happiness or sorrow in them. They can even make you think of global problems. I like listening to “Linkin Park” lying on my sofa and just dreaming. Apart from writing and performing songs, all members of my favourite band participate in charity sometimes. And, that’s another reason why I think “Linkin Park” is a wonderful band.

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