I fully agree with the saying that travelling broadens our mind. It provides us with variety and novelty that we lack in everyday life.
First of all, I  plan my trips beforehand. I surf the Internet to find the destinations I’d like to visit. Then I decide what route and transport will be the best. Where do I usually go?
I belong to those people who prefer travelling to towns and cities. I like going sightseeing, walking along the streets, sitting on the benches in parks and squares and observing the life around. As for me, every place has its own history living in its streets, buildings, monuments  and nature.  Besides, I visit museums and art galleries. Shopping is also a much bigger joy when you are in some other city. While walking around the downtown, you can see different little shops with souvenirs. Sometimes the choice is really big: national crafts and clothes, local food, drawings and paintings, postcards and magnets with the views of the city. I usually buy something to remind me about the trip. Exploring new places requires much energy and by the end of the trip I usually feel a bit tired but satisfied and excited.

To my mind, travelling is the best way to spend our free time and to get new impressions.

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