Television has been invading our life, time and mind since the moment of its invention.

It’s difficult to describe its influence in a few words. On the one hand, we cannot deny the positive effect of educational and informative programmes which broaden our mind. Good films, concerts and shows  help us relax after a hard day. On the other hand, children spend too much time sitting in front of TV sets and eating junk food. But the most important thing is the content of TV programmes. Statistics say that 60% of TV production is violent. We can see blood, murder, fights and dead bodies even in the daytime. Children imitate what they see, that is why scenes from different criminal serials are not for their eyes.

I think the problem of bad influence of TV can be easily solved by parents. The first step is to control the programmes watched by children. The second method is switching off. And your life will become happier.

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