In the age of information the  means of communication are especially important. The oldest way of fast communication  exchange is the telephone. A century ago it was fixed to a wall or a table and you could use it only standing nearby and talking loudly. Mobile phones have revolutionized our life. Nowadays we can make calls walking down the street, being on the train, in the mountains or in the desert. It’s difficult to imagine our life without them!

Current smart phones can support many additional services such as text messaging, e-mail, Skype, sending and receiving photos and videos. They instantly connect you to the Internet, so you can shop online, watch movies and navigate through cities. In spite of the obvious advantages of the mobile phones, there are some negative aspects too. First of all, people use them too much for every little thing. Sometimes people shout into them in public places and everyone has to listen to their conversations. You can hear mobile phones ringing during lessons, concerts and shows. It’s quite natural that most schools have prohibited them in the classrooms. What is more, mobiles cause  harm to our health.

To sum up,  mobiles have their advantages and disadvantages. And people should find a reasonable balance between them.

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