Zoos are present all over the world, it is a great way for people to learn about wild animals. Created for education, research and wildlife conservation, modern zoos exhibit hundreds of different animals and birds.

On the one hand, people can observe animals, their habits and behaviour in the surroundings similar to their natural ones. Nowadays, there are many private “children’s zoos” where kids can watch, pet and feed  horses, ostriches, hens and goats in a safe setting. Moreover, zoos  protect endangered species as animals are being hunted for their fur, ivory, some medical benefits and even their meat. Without zoos, many species would have become extinct.

On the other hand, animals are very often kept in horrible conditions and zoos are prisons for them. It’s sad to see monkeys, bears, tigers and wolves in cages where they live under stress due to lack of living space. The worst thing is that animals in the zoos will never be able to survive in wild nature alone.

To sum up, I’d like to point out that zoos perform a useful role in our society, so we should do everything to make our zoos civilized and comfortable for animals.  I think the best solution is Safari Parks , large zoos  and nature reserves in which animals have more space and  live in the environment  similar to their natural habitat.

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