I live in a small provincial town in Ukraine. It isn’t big but has a unique charm of its own. Its area  makes an important advantage: it doesn’t take much time to get wherever you need.

There are several residential areas, which are connected by transport routes. Nearly all of them go through the centre of our town. There are no traffic jams in my town and many people use public transport. Trolleybus is the cheapest means of transport, but it is the slowest one. Buses are of much greater demand as they are faster. You may use taxi service as well. Though it is rather expensive, I can afford it at some special occasions.

Young people can find any activity to their mood and taste. We have several libraries, museums, cinemas, cafes and clubs. Those people who try to keep a healthy way of life  go to fitness clubs and gyms. If you want to relax, it’s always possible to find some peaceful place in one of the parks. Moreover, in summer you can gather mushrooms or have a picnic in the forests which surround our town. One of the most attractive places is the river where you can go fishing. As for me, I like my native town very much.

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