The film that impressed me greatly is Avatar which premiered in 2009. As for me, this film should be watched by everyone.  It is a science fiction film written and directed by legendary James Cameron.

The story  is set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are colonizing the planet Pandora. It is a beautiful exciting place  with unusual native beings called the Читать далее «MY FAVOURITE FILM»


Generation gap is one of the eternal problems and every person sooner or later meets it.

When you are 16 or 17, you want to be treated as an adult, to be more independent in your actions and your way of life. You want to develop interests and values different from those of your parents. Читать далее «GENERATION GAP»


Frankly speaking, I like holidays but my favourite one is New Year.

Last year we celebrated New Year with our close friends in a small country house not far from our place. It is only 10 kilometres to the south of our town so it took us no time to get there by car. When we got to the place we were amazed with the weather. The day was bright, the snow was sparkling and the feeling of fascinating celebration rose in our souls. Читать далее «NEW YEAR CELEBRATION»


I’m a very sociable person, so I’ve got a lot of friends. Besides, I have my best friend, whom I trust. My friend’s name is Alex. We got acquainted when we were six years old and were in the same form. We spent much time together and tried to make our activities not only joyful but useful as well. Читать далее «MY FRIEND»


I think there is nothing more important than health.  Doctors teach people to have a healthy way of life – not to smoke, not to eat fatty and junk food and to keep fit.

Our body is continually wasting energy and needs food, but be moderate in eating. If you eat slowly, you will never overeat. Try to drink a glass of water before every meal, this will fill your stomach and allow you to eat less. Читать далее «HEALTHY WAY OF LIFE»